How to apply API Credentials


Every BNPL provides their Merchant Credentials in slightly differing formats. On this page we will help you to understand how to add some of these non-standard credentials into the Optty Retail Control Center.


Add Credentials

Grab will provide 5 components for the API credentials. Please follow the format below to add the grab credentials in to theOptty Retail Control Center. Between each of the components, you will need to add a | (Pipe Character) with no spaces before or aafter it.

API Key: Partner ID|Client ID|Merchant_ID

Secret : Partner Secret|Client Secret


To Capture the Billease API credentials, please follow the steps below:


shop_code as Api Key

access_token as Api Secret

  1. Login to Billease merchant portal -> Select Profile -> Select Shops Copy Shop Code as API Key

2. Select Integration, Click on the Copy Icon beside the Token ID, copy the API Token as the API Secret.


Add Credentials

You only require the private key to enable the ZIP AU whereas the public key would be for the Zip assets.

Enter the Private Key as both API KEY and SECRET field.

You can find more information on authentication in our developer documentation here

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