Optty provides you with a unique reporting suite to help you understand your sales conversions & the most suitable Buy Now Pay Later for each transaction.

Report & Analysis

Steps to access Optty Reports

  1. Log into the Optty Retail Control Center Sandbox / Production

  2. Click on Report & Analytics on the left panel

  3. Select the timeframe for the reporting

The 2nd Date picker on the right is the timeframe for comparison reporting

Definition of Reporting

Optty Reporting provides you with the visibility on both individual Buy Now Pay Later performance, and overall Buy Now Pay Later performance in each specific currency.

Total Sessions

Total Sessions provides you visibility on the number of consumers selecting the Buy Now Pay Later option.

Converted Sessions

Converted Sessions is based on the number of consumers who selected the Buy Now Pay Later option and completed the payment.

Converted Percentage

Provides the conversion rate percentage - based on the number of Converted Sessions / Total Sessions

Average Order Value

The average order value for your orders which were processed via Optty on a per Buy Now Pay Later basis.

BNPL Fees (Optional)

If the Buy Now Pay Later fees is provided, Optty will provide with the total fees for the specific Buy Now Pay Later.

Cost Per Order (CPO)

If the Buy Now Pay Later fees is provided, Optty will calculate the cost per order based on the average fees, and the basket size.

Customised Reporting

The Customised reporting feature is available for enterprise level merchant. Please contact your account manager for more details.

Please contact for any further enquiries.

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